No. 8600

Tower of Doom


Monsters. Magic. Good. Evil. Strength. Cunning. Traps. Mazes. Prepare to face the greatest challenage any mortal has ever known -- the Tower of Doom. Explore the winding corridors of the Tower: collect precious treasure, discover the secrets of magic artifacts, encounter the vilest creatures ever unleashed.

Surviving the Tower of Doom requires quick reflexes and quicker wits. You must learn for yourself how to use many of the items you will find. You must decide when to fight a monster, and when to trade treasure for your life. You must maintain your strength, increase your stamina, and develop your diplomatic skills.

Select your adventure. Select your character. Then prepare to enter the Tower of Doom!

For One Player

Distributed by
Intv Corporation
Torrance, CA 90505
© Intellvision All Rights Reserved

Starting Your Adventure

Insert Cartridge (make sure power is OFF). Turn power ON and press RESET. Title screen will appear. Press any hand controller KEY or the DISC.

Select your adventure. In all adventures, you begin at the top of the Tower of Doom and work your way down through numerous levels of mazes to freedom. Some adventures have more levels and will take longer. In some, the mazes and item colors are the same each time; in others, the mazes and colors are different each time you enter the Tower (item colors are very important, as will be explained later). Other features also differentiate the adventures.

Press the DISC to cycle through the choices. When the adventure you want appears on the screen, press any SIDE KEY.

Novice 6 Same each time Same* Easiest (good introduction to the Tower's secrets. . .)
The Tower 8, 12, or 20 Same Same* Easy
The Catacombs 12, 18, or 32 Different each time Different Medium
The Fortress 6, 12, 18, or 32 Different Different Difficult
The Challenge 14 Different Same* Difficult (Each Level You Descend Introduces a new monster. . .)
Wizard Hunt 32 Different Different Difficult
Grail Quest 32 Different Different The Hardest (You Must Locate the Grail to succeed!)

* If you assume the character of the Waif or the Barbarian (see next page), the item colors for these adventures will always be different.

Select your character. The character you select will determine your abilities and the contents of your pack as you begin your adventure.

There are ten characters you can assume:

Novice Warrior Archer Knight
Trader Barbarian Waif Friar
Warlock Warlord

Overall, the Warlord, strong and fully equipped, is the easiest character to begin with. The Waif, weak and poor, is the hardest. The other characters have varying combinations of strengths and weaknesses, as you shall discover!

The Screen

Your screen is divided into several sections, each giving vital information.

| +-------+ +-----------------+ |
| |       | |                 | |
| |   2   | |                 | |
| |       | |        1        | |
| +-------+ |                 | |
| +-------+ |                 | |
| |   3   | |                 | |
| +-------+ +-----------------+ |
|                5              |
|                _____________  |
|               |______4______| |

The largest seciton (1) shows your immediate vicinity within a level, along with nearby weapons, treasures, doors, traps, stairs, and monsters! As you explore new areas of a level, the walls of the corridors and rooms will appear. They remain visible when you return to areas you've explored. If you come face to face with a monster, the map is replaced with a view of the battle.

The upper left corner of the screen (2) shows the level map. This map shows the areas of the level you have explored, with your current position indicated by a white dot.

At the middle left of the screen (3) are three rows of symbols. You can use the symbols in the top row to find out your status, to select items from your pack, to use items, and to open doors and to descend stairs. The second and third rows show the items you are currently carrying in your pack.

At bottom (4), your Hit Points appear as a series of yellow shields against a black background. These indicate how much injory you can sustain before dying. You lose Hit Points as you are hurt in battle or by evil magic; you gain them back over time as you heal. The black background indicates your potential Hit Points, which will increase as your Stamina and Experience increase. Note: a magic spell can occasionally make your current Hit Points exceed your potential Hit Points!

In addition to the above information, helpful messages will frequently appear on the screen (5), moving slowly from right to left.


The use of your hand controller depnds on whether you are exploring, going through your pack, or engaging in battle. In general, the controls are:

DISC: MOVE through the maze/RUMMAGE through your pack.

TOP SIDE KEY: USE an item.


BOTTOM LEFT SIDE KEY: DROP an object from your pack.

These are explained in more detail below.


MOVE ABOUT THE MAZE Press the DISC in the direction you wish to move. As you explore new areas, the corridors of the Tower will appear.

USE THE ITEM IN YOUR HAND Press either TOP SIDE KEY. (Your currently held item is shown in the third position in the top row of symbols.)

TO PICK UP AN ITEM Walk over it. (If your pack is full, you must drop an item first.)


Going Through Your Pack

SELECT AN ITEM FROM YOUR PACK Press the DISC to move the HAND SYMBOL (second from left in the top row of symbols) over the item you want. Once you have selected an item, you can USE it, CASH it, HOLD it, or DROP it (see below).

USE A MAGICAL ARTIFACT or CASH A TREASURE Press either TOP SIDE KEY to use the artifact or cash the creasure under the HAND SYMBOL. Weapons cannot be used while you are in your pack.

HOLD AN ITEM When you get out of your pack by pressing the LOWER RIGHT SIDE KEY, the item under the HAND SYMBOL becomes the currently held item.

DROP AN ITEM Press the BOTTOM LEFT SIDE KEY to drop the tiem currently under the HAND SYMBOL. (Note: You can't drop an item if you are too close toa well or if the corridor is too narrow.) If you are engaged in battle, the monster will take the dropped item as a bribe.

OPEN A DOOR (When standing at a door) Press the DISC to move the HAND SYMBOL over the DOOR SYMBOL (rightmost in the top row of symbols). Press either TOP SIDE KEY.

DESCEND A STAIRCASE (When standing over a staircase) Press the DISC to move the HAND SYMBOL over the Down Arror (rightmost in the top row of symbols). Press either TOP SIDE KEY. You will descend one level in the Tower. Note: you can not go back up to previous levels!

CHECK YOUR STATUS Press the DISC to move the HAND SYMBOL over the Question Mark, then press either TOP SIDE KEY. Your Strength, Stamina, Life Force, Diplomacy, Experience, or Treasure Score will appear on the screen. Press again to see the next statistic.

TO MOVE THROUGH THE MAZE OR TO RETURN TO BATTLE Get out of your pack by pressing the LOWER RIGHT SIDE KEY. The item under the HAND SYMBOL becomes the currently held item.

Engaging in Battle

When the map on screen is replaced by a veiw of you and a monster, it indicates you are about to engage in battle. ADVANCE FOR ATTACK Press the RIGHT SIDE of the DISC.

ATTACK! Press either TOP SIDE KEY to use your currently held item. If you are holding a weapon, your success will depend on your Strength, Stamina, choice of weapon, and the monster itself. Other objects in your pack may have magic powers you can use against the creature. If nothing works, retreat! (Note: A successful battle will increase your strength, but at the cost of your Diplomacy.)

BRIBE THE MONSTER Get into your pack (LOWER LEFT or RIGHT SIDE KEY) and drop an item (see above). The monster will consider your offering and may let you live. (Whether or not it does, it keeps the item -- you've lost it.) Its decision will depend on your Diplomacy, the worth of the tiem, and the monster itself. If it accepts the offering, you may continue through the corridors. If not, try another bribe, attack, or retreat! (Note: a successful offering will in crease your Diplomacy!)

RETREAT Press the LEFT SIDE of the DISC. Once you successfully retreat, the map reappears. Run away before the monster chases you!

Traps, Gas Clouds, and Fire

Throughout the tower, there are Traps and Gas Clouds. Be careful! Some Traps always affect you, others onlyh occasionally. And you may be able to time your passage through a Gas Cloud so as to not interact with it, but for some, interaction is unavoidable. Different Traps and Clouds have different properties:

Transporter -- Moves you to a new location in the tower level.
Paralysis -- Freezes you for several heartbeats. Keep pusing the DISC, because you may get paralyzed again if you don't get out quickly!
Confusion -- Causes you to walk around baffled -- the DISC does not respond properly! Wears off in a few heartbeats.
Life Eater -- Reduces your Life Force.
Poison -- Reduces your Stamina.
Fire -- Reduces your Hit Points!

You are not always affected by traps, gasses, and fires. Fires, for example, will injure you only one out of ten times; the transporter, on the other hand, always moves you to another location (unless you're holding a certain Key. . .).


You will encounter monsters throughout your adventure. You will have to battle some; others must be bribed with treasures. Then there are times when it's best to run for your life!


There are two ways to fight monsters: with projectile weapons while exploring, or with hand-held weapons while engaged in battle. You will have to become experienced at both, since some monsters are best killed from a distance, others from close up.

The results of a battle are determined by your Strength and Stamina, the strength of the monster, the type of weapon you're using, and any assisting magic you may have acquired (cloaks that protect, spells that help defend, etc. . .). Be careful to keep track of your Hit Points at the bottom of the screen, as you may get hit several times before felling a creature.

Successfully defeating a monster by fighting increases your Strength, while decreasing your Diplomacy.


You can only bribe a monster while engaged in battle. You may attempt to bribe the monster even if he has started to attack you. You must get into your pack and drop some item. The monster will take the item, and, if he likes it, will retreat, leaving you in pace. Wait for him to walk away! If you walk away from him, he may become angered and attack!

If he does not retreat, he may accept more treasure - bribes during a single encounter accumulate, so offering a monster three boots (for example) may make the monster leave, whereas offering the monster one dagger may do the same.

It is easier to bribe a monster as your Diplomacy increases. Having high Diplomacy is the only way to make some monsters accept anything at all. The monster takes -- and keeps -- the item regardless of whether or not he decides to let you alone. And there's one monster that will NEVER leave, no matter how diplomatic you are, no matter how much treasure you give it.

Surviving a battle by bribing a monster increases your Diplomacy.


Fleeing is often the only way to stay alive. While exploring, it's simple -- RUN AWAY!!!! During battle, it takes more coordination. You can always retreat

from a battle by moving your hero left. Once you back away, you are returned to the map where, depending on the monster, you may have an instant or two to further your escape. It may take two or three feints to and from battle before you are in a position on the map to run (if you were backed into a corner, for example, or were being blocked from a hallway by the monster).

Fleeing does not affect any of your statistics.

Magical Artifacts

You will find many enchanged items in the tower. What these objects can do is for you to discover.

(image) (image) (image) (image)
Potion Bottle Potion Flask Mortar & Pestle Small Scroll
(image) (image)
Large Scroll Book

The magic can have good effects. . .

Heal your strength. . .
Make you faster. . .
Make you invisible. . .
Freeze or slow monsters. . .
Teleport you to another room. . .
Turn off all traps in a tower level. . .
Increase your potential strength. . .
Increase all your abilities. . .
Remove evil spells cast upon you. . .

Watch out! The magic can also have bad effects. . .

Freeze or confuse you. . .
Make monsters invisible. . .
Decrease your abilities. . .

A magical item can only be used once! Once used, it disappears!

The effects of a magical item may last a few moments, or for an entire adventure. It may last until counteracted with other magic, or it may wear off when you descend a level. . .


Using these items protects you in some way, perhaps by enabling you to fend off blows or to fight with greater strength.

(image) (image)
Ring Cloak

Be careful! Some rings and cloaks actually curse the fighter! Such a curse can only be removed with the magic scrolls that remove evil spells.

Other Items

(image) (image) (image)
Key Boot Food

Different colors of Keys allow you to pass unaffected through different traps in the mazes. Must be the currently held item to work.

Worthless, except in bribing particularly stupid monsters.

Keeps your Life Force high. Mesages will tell you when you have to eat ("Life Force low. . ." "Life Force critical. . ."). If you ignore these messages, your strength will start to diminish -- you're dying of starvation! (Note: The Grail and Rosary Necklace increase your Life Force.)


Projectile Weapons

These can only be used BEFORE engaging a monster in battle, while the map is still displayed. (Like all other objects, however, they can be offered as a bribe during battle.) Select a Projectile weapon as your currently held pack item. Pressing either TOP SIDE KEY causes the weapon to fire in the last direction you ran. The weapon will continue until it hits something (creature, wall, treasure, etc.). Watch out! Depending on the character you have assumed, you

may be hurt by the backlash of the powerful Wand and Holy Handgrenade! (But a certain Ring can protect you. . .)

(image) (image) (image) (image)
Dart Bow Wand Holy Handgrenade
(image) (image) (image)
Hammer Axe Spear

These weapons can be used several times, but eventually will be exhaused and disappear.

Hand-Held Weapons

These can only be used during battle.

(image) (image) (image) (image)
Dagger Mace Small Sword Hammer
(image) (image) (image)
Axe Double-Handed Sword Spear

These weapons can be used as many times as needed.

Note that some weapons can be used hand-held or as a projectile.


You will find rare Treasures throughout the tower! You can save treasures to use as bribes, or you can cash them. Cashing a Treasure adds its value to your Experience (possibly increasing your potential Hit Points) and to your Treasure Score. When you cash a treasure, it disappears. Bonus: Whenever you descend a level, the value of the treasures currently in your pack (not cashed) is added to your Treasure Score.

Two treasures, the Rosary Necklace and the Grail, give you maximum Life Force and have other mysterious magical properties! They take effect when you cash them.

Note: Monsters are usually impressed by your Treasures and will take them as bribes. Using a Treasure to bribe a monster, however, does not add to your Experience or Treasure Score, and the item is lost to you!

In order of value. . .

(image) (image) (image) (image) (image)
Candlestick Bracelet Coins Gem Necklace Amulet
(image) (image) (image) (image) (image)
Small Gem Crown Large Gem Rosary Necklace Grail


The color of an item determines its type, strength, or worth. In the NOVICE, TOWER, and CHALLENGE adventures, the colors of all items remains the same every time. In the more difficult adventures, however, the colors are different every time you begin. In order to determine which colors are more powerful, or what type of spells the colored magic items bring, you must use them! In all cases, throughout any single adventure, the colors remain consistent: a brown potion that increases your speed means that all brown potions for the remainder of the adventure will increase your speed.


The color of a hand-held weapon denotes its strength. The color of a projectile weapon denotes its remaining number of uses. Hand-held items never lose their strength when used in Battle. Projectile weapons eventually become exhaused with use and disappear.

Magic Artifacts

Identical items of the same color will always conjure the same magic spell.


The color of a treasure determines its value, which either goes into your score or determines how useful it is to offer to a monster. The magic associated with the Rosary Necklace and Grail is also determined by their color.


Listen carefully! You can learn many useful things with your ears. Certain spells are timed to your slow, rythmic heartbeats. Different types of Traps and Gas

Clouds have distinctive sounds. And learning the sounds of battle tells you when you hit the monster and when he hits you!

Your Status

Your Hit Points are always displayed at the bottom of the screen. Other information about your status is found by going into your pack, placing the HAND SYMBOL over the Question Mark, and pressing either TOP SIDE KEY.


A number from 3 to 18 indicating how hard you can hit monsters during battle. Increased by magic and by defeating monsters.


A number from 3 to 18 indicating how durable you are (affects your potential Hit Points). Increased by magic and by eating food.


A number from 3 to 18 indicating how successful you will be in bribing monsters. Increased by magic and by successfully bribing monsters; decreased by defeating amonster by fighting.

Life Force

A number from 0 to 255 indicating how long until the next time you have to eat. You lose one point for every heartbeat. Warning messages appear as you approach 0. At 0, your Hit Points begin to disappear as you starve to death. Increased by magic and by eating food.


A number from 0 to 650,000 representing your success as an adventurer (affects your potential Hit Poitns). Increased by magic, killing monsters, and cashing treasures.

Treasure Score

A number from 0 to 650,000 representing the value of treasure you have cashed (not given up as bribes) and/or successfully carried from one level to another.

End of the Adventure

Your adventure ends when you successfully escape at the bottom of the tower, or when you die. (If you have selected the Grail Quest adventure, you must find the Grail before you can escape the tower.)

To find out how well you did, you can look at your Treasure Score. But the real test of you well you did is this: Did you escape. . . ALIVE?