TRS-80 code

Small-C Compiler

During college, I managed to get the Small-C compiler from Dr. Dobbs Journal running on a TRS-80. Only when I was done did I realize that the TRS-80 was completely underpowered for C programming. In order to get it to work, I had to create an intermediate code fomat to transfer the compiled result over a 1200 baud modem, where it was then translated to Z-80 code.

(The code was on TRS-80 floppy disks, and I need to recover it so that I can post it here.)

Color Computer code

Forth interpreter (1983?)

I actually bought a 4K CoCo for $400 just so I could write 6809 assembler code. I implemented a Forth interpreter on it, but that was before I had a disk drive, so it's on a cassette tape in a box somewhere.

6809 monitor debugger (1984)

This is a full-screen debug monitor program with single-step trace and a disassembler. The look of it was based on the old TRSDOS debugger.

cdebug9.asm (original version)
cdebug9.txt (with some comments added back in 2004)

Infocom interpreter (1984?)

I wrote this because I had disassembled the interpreter from the TRS-80 Model III version of Zork I. I even tested it by playing through the whole game before I had written the save and load commands. It was six months later that Infocom finally advertised their own Color Computer version.